Bad behavior is not just a quirk! 

When your dog does something that is unacceptable to you, what do you do? Do you just clean up the mess, or “pick up the pieces” and chalk it up to a goofy or difficult personality? Some people believe that their dog’s behavior is just tied to their personality: “Yes, it’s inappropriate behavior,” they may say, “but that’s just how my dog is.” At Fountain City Dog Training we know that ANY dog can change, if they have the right training.

Kansas City Dog Training blog - we offer reward based training for dogs of all ages and breeds!Sadly, the belief that a dog is set in their behavior has led to many dogs being put down. Of course this is in extreme situations, but we have shown with our training that even extreme cases of behavioral problems can be corrected. With an effective training program, a dog’s life can be turned completely around and that’s exactly what we love to do here at Fountain City Dog Training.

You may have tried teaching your dog basic commands like sit, lie down, and stay and had some success, maybe not. Many believe that if their dog can’t perform these commands that it’s just not in their dog’s personality, or that they’re just “not that type of dog.” This isn’t true! Every dog can learn and even enjoy the structure, consistency, and security of basic obedience. A lot of times basic obedience can alleviate other issues like anxiety and aggression without having to directly address them.

We work mostly by veterinary referral, most of the cases we work with are the hard to fix cases. We love working with dogs that suffer from severe behavior problems because we truly want to help troubled dogs and their owners. No dog is beyond help! Every dog deserves a chance to change, because they can.

Fountain City Dog Training can help you to achieve your dog training goals. We can create a customized program that addresses your dog’s issues, big or small, and teach you to be the trainer for your dog. Give us a call at 816.897.2110 or write to us using our contact form.