Why In-Home Dog Training is the Most Effective Way to Train Your Dog—And You!

As a dog trainer, I’m often asked why I offer private in-home training and small group classes, but not a board and train option. Board and train can be effective in the short term because the dog spends several intensive weeks working with a trainer at an off-site location. However, this type of training is not nearly as effective as in-home training at creating lasting change. In fact, I believe it can often be detrimental to the dog and weaken the dog’s relationship with its owner.

In-home dog training Kansas City style! Every dog and owner are different. Some dogs reach training goals quickly, while others work at a slower pace and require more patience. Sometimes owners learn how to work with their dog quite rapidly, while others take much longer to learn how to become their dog’s leader. Unlike large group classes and many board and train programs, in-home training allows me to completely customize a training program to a dog’s needs. I’m able to work with the dog in the setting they’re most comfortable in—their home—rather than a foreign place like a kennel. Most importantly, I’m able to incorporate the owner into every stage of the training process. They learn how to handle their dog and build a deeper relationship with them through training.

While I could easily bring my clients’ dogs into my home and work with them until they respond well to my commands, it doesn’t mean much if the dog doesn’t respond to the owner or learn how to behave well at home. What good is it if the dog can walk nicely on a leash for me in an enclosed facility if they go nuts the second the owner takes them for a walk in the park? Any good behavior the dogs learned with me wouldn’t last in the long run if the owner doesn’t know how to properly work with and handle their dog. Including the owner in the dog’s training process and working consistently with them throughout training is what makes in-home training so unique, effective, and rewarding for both dog and owner. They are both equipped with new skills and work to reach their training goals together!

In-home training provides your dog with a fully customized training plan and empowers owners with the knowledge they need to successfully turn their dog into a well-behaved, obedient, life-long companion. To learn more about my in-home training program and set up your consultation, give me a call at 816.897.2110 or get in touch via our contact page.