The Importance of Leash Training

There are a few givens about owning a dog, no matter what breed you own: Your dog will have to be taken for walks, or at the very least, taken outside (if it is particularly old/disabled), and in accordance to safety legislation, your dog will have to be on a leash.

Make sure your dog has good leash manners with Fountain City Dog Training Kansas City!During a walk, your dog may encounter people, animals, tempting objects, or other dogs. Anyone who has a particularly stubborn or large dog understands that taking your walk can seem like a straight A-to-B task, but if the dog changes its mind or becomes reactive, it can be difficult and embarrassing for the owner to correct the encounter. At the worst, it can be dangerous for all parties involved.

Leash training, like all dog training, takes time, persistence, and a solid set of rules for your dog to adhere to. Once your dog learns proper leash rules, you may find it extraordinarily easy to make them disengage from a person or object, stay at your side at a comfortable, ignore distractions, or return to you. Good leash training will instill confidence in both you and your dog and will help to uphold the same values that you hold at home, which may make training overall easier. Just ask our friend and colleague a dog trainer in Richmond who also works with dogs in need of good leash manners.

Without leash training, you may find that you dog becomes aggressive on the lead, easily excitable or anxious, too friendly towards passing people or dogs, or pulls you around without regard to your pace. For households with multiple dogs, errand behavior on the leash quickly becomes hard to manage and dangerous during walks.

Fountain City Dog Training can assist you in finding the perfect set of guidelines for you and your dog to make walks fun, simple, and safe. With our in-home training program, we can work to correct behaviors like reactivity, pulling, and stubbornness on the lead to have you spending the majority of your time enjoying your time with your dog – not correcting them. Give us a call today at 816.897.2110 to talk about leash training and more.