Puppy Training Kansas City Style!

If a dog has behavioral issues, training should begin now. Fountain City Dog Training operates off of the belief that training should start as early as possible in a dog’s life. So in the case of your puppy, training should start—yes, you guessed it—now! If your puppy begins its life learning to develop good behaviors, they can more easily avoid learning bad behaviors, or letting seemingly harmless behaviors turn into something more in adulthood. There are many misconceptions about just how important it is to set boundaries with a puppy while applying consistency and establishing a relationship of mutual respect.

Puppy Training Kansas City style with Fountain City Dog Training!Fountain City Dog Training provides in-home puppy training to the Kansas City area. The training we provide draws from a 27 year old program of rewards-based, commitment-based, dog training that has succeeded where many other trainers have failed. We don’t apply any dominant-theory dog training philosophies that teach that the way to get your dog to listen is to dominate them into obeying. Our rewards-based program teaches your dog to make better choices, and that better choices will lead to rewards. When we meet you and your dog in your home, we’ll assess the environment and details and then create a training program based on your specific needs. Our in-home training program is commitment-based, which means that we’ll work with you until all of our training goals are accomplished.

Your puppy needs you to communicate to them what exactly their place in the pack is. It’s easy to get caught up in the cuteness and innocence of a puppy and end up being too lax with them. This early stage is when behavioral problems are just developing and can turn into greater problems later. We’ll teach you how to create boundaries with your puppy, showing them where they fit into life and what’s expected of them. Our training method emphasizes the importance of consistency in a dog’s life, and the need for a relationship of mutual respect between dog and owner.

If there’s one point to take from this, it’s that training should start as early as possible (now). If you’re ready to begin, give us a call at 816.897.2110 and one of our experienced behavioral specialists can explain our training to you in further detail. You can also send us a quick message by using this contact form.

We look forward to meeting you! Let’s get your puppy on the track to success!