Your Dog Can’t Change Without You!

Fountain City Dog Training is helping dogs and their owners throughout the Kansas City area with behavioral problems like aggression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and many more. We train using a 27-year-old program that is being put into practice across the country and seeing success in countless cases. Your dog’s behavioral issues can be remedied with our training program, but not without your help. We’ll teach you everything you need to make it happen!

Our Kansas City dog training programs are for dogs and owners!

Training dogs and their people!

Some owners believe that their dog’s behavioral issues are things that will fade with time, or that their dog will somehow figure out how to act right eventually. This just isn’t true. Your dog is constantly looking to you for direction, and if you don’t provide any they’ll try to direct themselves, leading them to further problems. We’ll show you how to establish a clear relationship with your dog that let’s them know what is expected of them, what boundaries they have to respect, and what their place is in your home and life. Once this occurs, a dog’s anxiety level drops. At this point our training really takes hold, changing your dog for the better.

Our training is in-home and customized to fit each dog’s specific needs. When we meet with you we’ll share some of our knowledge about the problems your dog is having and lay out a tailor-made plan for their training. Our relationship with you is commitment-based, so we are with you until all of our training goals are achieved. We want you to take the skills and knowledge we provide and confidently be the dog’s trainer yourself; we are available to support you throughout the entire process.

Our training method focuses on re-wiring your dog’s thinking so that they seek rewards for good behavior. We don’t use any negative consequences for bad behaviors; our rewards-based method simply teaches you how to set your dog up for success and praise them when they make the right choices.

Your dog can’t change with you! You need to take the lead, get them the help they require, and then become the leader in their life. We would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 816.897.2110 and our office staff can listen to your situation and explain how our training can help you specifically. We can also be reached by email via our contact form.