Upcoming Playgroups: We play all over the Metro in public and Private dog parks, Luxury Apartment Parks and select veterinarian locations.

To find scheduled event locations throughout the Metro See our FB Page: www.facebook.com/pg/fountaincitydogtraining

To host a play group or playgroup demonstration contact JP@fountaincitydogtraining.com

Who are our FREE playgroups for?

Our Playgroups are for anyone interested in safer positive play or a more compliant dog. Why pay $100 – $200 for a group class when learnings do not translate outside of the dog training facility. Playgroups are hosted in a variety of settings and provide ubiquitous associations, and as such, are not environmentally dependent. Playgroup participation does not require your dog to demonstrate command compliance. Playgroup learning is more about your dog learning to respect other dogs and people along with developing self-control in a natural positive environment. As such, playgroups set your dogs up for success and can reduce the occurrence of anxiety and behavioral challenges requiring further instruction.

And, should you dog need further training, your playgroup experience will make training easier as our Practical Pet Protocols naturally extend the foundation of your dogs’ positive associations with learning. It is common for dogs who participate in our home training program to learn how to calm down and lower their energy level on command… as well as in response to old triggers.


Who Leads the Playgroups?

Our program is facilitated by a professional dog trainer, who is a graduate of the Canine Trade Group and skilled in Playgroup Learning.

Socializing Dogs
Socializing Dogs

How do our Playgroups compare with other group training programs?

  • First, our FREE playgroups often return better results than lesions that cost hundreds of dollars from other trainers.
  • Our playgroup protocols are based on science and use natural canine learning to reduce anxiety and boost confidence.
  • By providing an outlet for your dog’s biologically motivated drive you are setting your dog up for success
  • Learning first through pack play, your dog develops a positive association with learning
  • Although all successful dog training requires the facilitation of structure into the dogs home environment, our training views structure more like rules to fun game and less about control and dominance.
  • Learning – for you, and your dog – works best when it is fun. Play groups leverage the power of fun and assist you is assimilating positive learning into your daily life which is the key to lifelong sustainable learning.


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