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JP Carter is a leading dog behavior trainer serving the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. His pet experience includes a Raccoon, a couple of Russian Tortoises, and multiple cats and dogs. JP’s love of dogs started at 4 years old, when a very responsible German Shepherd walked him home daily from Montessori school. JP is a proud Eagle Scout, father of an Eagle, and member of the Tribe of Mic-o-say. With 30 years of business experience, he is a skilled corporate trainer, change manager, and effective decision facilitator.

JP was finishing his B.S. in behavioral economics when he met his beautiful wife Wendy at the University of Kansas. They both lived in a BF Skinner inspired housing experiment, the Sunflower House, that studied environment-based decision making and behavior management. Wendy is now a respected Special Education Teacher serving in the first Seven Habits Certified Lighthouse school for the Olathe School District.

Their first “child” was a 200 LB Great Dane named Baby Blue. But when JP’s human daughter brought a 4 pound Chihuahua into their home, he soon realized how different these small dogs are to manage. How can such a small dog be so much harder to train than his Great Danes? After doing his research, he contacted one of the top dog trainers in the country John Van Olden. As the owner of Canine Trade Group, John Van Olden’s training protocols are the most effective dog training methods ever developed. Not only did Mr. Van Olden’s system solve JP’s dog training issues, but once John saw JP’s training skills and experience, JP was asked to take on the very successful Fountain City Dog Training.

Fountain City is dedicated to preventing bad habits from developing as well as efficiently responding and correcting challenging training issues such as aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity and more. Referred by local veterinarians and animal shelters, Fountain City Dog Training is committed to result-based training solutions.

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