Brought to you by an extremely effective, 27 year old program, Fountain City Dog Training offers professional in-home training to all of Kansas City, including the Greater Kansas City area, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe and more! We specialize in training dogs of all ages and types, and we come from a group of trainers that are among the most experienced and successful in the country. Canine Trade Group dog trainer’s go through an extensive course to become certified in dog training and behavior.


Fountain City Dog Training remains committed to helping your dog and your family with any training needs and issues that arise in these challenging times. We offer comprehensive training packages, either in-person, in compliance with CDC protocols, as well as online and telephone consultations and support. Our staff stands ready to take your call and discuss your training needs.

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Why Work with Us?

Fountain City Dog Training gets to the heart of your dog’s issues by observing them in their home environment and crafting a customized program that fits their needs. Our in-home dog training programs are commitment-based, which means your training continues until all of our training goals are met. For this reason alone, we have succeeded where many other trainers have failed!

Commitment-based Dog Training in Kansas City

Once our trainer meets with you and determines what’s causing your dog’s behavior problems she’ll create a custom training program for you. The goal of your program will be to create a new life for you and your dog—not a quick fix. Our commitment-based training involves working with you until all of our goals are achieved. Over time you’ll learn how to create a relationship with your dog that fosters good behavior for years to come.

Best In Home Dog Training in Kansas City MO


We play all over the Metro in public and Private dog parks, Luxury Apartment Parks and select veterinarian locations.

Fixing Territorial Behavior in Dogs and Puppies

Fixing Territorial Behavior in Dogs and Puppies It’s very natural for dogs to show some territorial behavior. It’s an animalistic instinct, and it isn’t something we should try to erase from a dog’s personality. However, it is something that should be under the...

The Importance of Leash Training

The Importance of Leash Training There are a few givens about owning a dog, no matter what breed you own: Your dog will have to be taken for walks, or at the very least, taken outside (if it is particularly old/disabled), and in accordance to safety legislation, your...

Your Dog Can’t Change Without You!

Your Dog Can’t Change Without You! Fountain City Dog Training is helping dogs and their owners throughout the Kansas City area with behavioral problems like aggression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and many more. We train using a 27-year-old program that is being...

Here at Fountain City Dog Training, we are proud to offer the very best in home dog training in Kansas City MO. It can be difficult to live with a pet that struggles with aggression issues. You’re not sure where to begin to help your pup and are worried that whatever you do it won’t be enough. It’s time that you make the call to help your dog make positive changes.

Just contact us to learn more about our Kansas City aggressive dog rehabilitation programs. For decades, our tactics have seen continued success. Owners have seen life-changing accomplishments in their dogs whom they thought were beyond help. We have given owners since success through our time-tested programs. 

The Results-Based Approach

What gives us the best in home dog training in Kansas City MO. It’s our results-based and commitment-based approach. We make a commitment to you that we:

  • Will get results
  • Will not stop working with you until we do
  • Will meet your goals 

We offer the best in home dog training in Kansas City MO because we put the results first. We are compassionate and experienced enough to help your aggressive dog and grow his or her relationship with you. That’s our guarantee to every client. If you use our Kansas City aggressive dog rehabilitation program, you will see results. Period.

We also do much more than just aggressive dog training and have this same commitment to results for all of our programs. Trust us to put you first.

How to Contact Us

If you want to get started with the best in home dog training in Kansas City MO or if you have any questions about the process, feel free to call us right now at 215.709.2560.


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Training Hours:

Weekdays, Weekends, and Weeknights by appointment only.

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. 

JP has been trained and certifited through Canine Trade Group -Professional School for Dog Trainers.