Puppy Training Kansas City Style!

You’ve added a new furry addition to your family, now it’s time to teach them the ways of your home. Getting a puppy is a wonderful thing, but their cuteness and playfulness can make it a challenge to teach them that some of their behaviors are unacceptable. Some owners don’t realize that certain puppy behaviors can lead to greater problems later—when the puppy becomes a dog.

Fountain City Dog Training firmly holds that training should begin immediately in a dog’s life.

Our in-home puppy training allows you to start early and set your dog up for a happier life of harmony with you and your family. We visit you in your home to get a feel for what your training program will require. Once we begin training it will be from a customized program we create based on our training goals. Our puppy training program is for puppies 4 months and under, if your dog is older please check out the in-home training program.

Our in-home puppy training addresses issues like:

  • Basic obedience
  • Housebreaking
  • Chewing
  • Nipping, Mouthing
  • Barking
  • Manners
  • Leash behavior
  • Basic obedience

We also address mild to severe cases of aggression and anxiety in puppies. We’ve never encountered a puppy that was too difficult to help.

Puppy Training in the Kansas City Area—Creating a good foundation for your puppy.

Now is the time to create the foundation of a beautiful life for you and your puppy—while they’re young. Small and harmless behaviors in a puppy can turn into more harmful behaviors when they get old. Our goal is to not only address the immediate issues your dog is having, but to equip you with the tools to maintain a great relationship into the future.

Like we said it’s important to get started right away. Give us a call at 816.897.2110 or e-mail us using our contact form.

We can’t wait to meet you and your puppy!


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