Client Tesitmonials

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I have a blue heeler puppy that I was about to send back to his farm when we consulted with JP at Fountain City. He spent time during a free consultation getting to know our puppy, showing my husband and I a few things that would make life easier for us. He also talked to us about our goals for dog training.

The tips JP gave us during the free consultation made our life much easier and helped us to understand what our dog needed and what to avoid.

After our first training session we noticed immediate improvement both in our dog’s behavior and in our comfort level in handling him. We are half way through our sessions and I know we would have returned our puppy if not for JP. JP is knowledgeable about dog behavior and psychology; patient with us and our pup; and is a great teacher for both the dog and the owners. We highly recommend JP and Fountain City Dog Training!

Kim C.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note… Dax is doing amazing! I can really tell he is more at ease in the house (he loves his “place”) and he’s been working really well with me on the leash. He has changed drastically from when we first met you and we are so thrilled with his improvements! I’ll keep you updated on his progress 🙂 Thank you!

Johnathan P.

Thanks for checking up on us! Patton is responding very well to the training strategies. The behaviors we brought to you have virtually vanished because he is attached to us at all times. We’ve definitely learned that this is much more about the humans in the house than Patton and your simple disciplines have worked wonders for his behaviors.

Since the weather has been better the past few days we have taken him on several walks around the neighborhood, intermittently making him sit, down, and stay and he has been awesome… Even when he’s been tempted by barking dogs and other typical neighborhood distractions.

It’s been a challenge keeping him on leash in the house while trying to conduct our business, but using the crate as a place to separate and confine him for short periods of time while we are home has, I believe, helped alleviate some of his neediness and attention seeking. In fact, he doesn’t even bark when we put him in there.

He’s adjusted very well to learning his status in the house. I definitely feel he thought he was in charge of the agenda before we started this training. Now, he’s learned (and still learning) that Andrea and I are the pack leaders. In fact, I think he really likes it. He’s laying at my feet right now as I eat a late breakfast.

Andrea and I cannot thank you and your trainers enough for what you have given us! We’ve been singing your praises to anyone who will listen. I’ve attached a few pictures of Patton’s experiences.

Michael F.

We have a “tough” dog…Stubborn, anxious, slightly aggressive and full of energy. You’re now the 3rd dog trainer we’ve tried, none able to help us before. We were at the point of considering surrendering him because of his unpredictability, which was heartbreaking for us. Now, there’s no better way than this review to express our gratitude and appreciation for all you have done. You were right, we “have a good dog, but WE and HE needed some guidance and understanding.” We did not believe that Archer’s stubborn attitude and defiance related mostly to anxiety, the other part relating to us not knowing exactly how to help. We thank you for your patience and positive training to help us make a better life for him, and us too. From the bottom of our hearts, JP and Fountain City, THANK YOU!!

Erica & Nick

JP came by our shelter, Megan’s Paws & Claws in Smithville to work with one of our dogs we are having trouble adopting out. He did great with her and she responded very well to him and his demands of her. We appreciate him coming up here to help us out and we will take what we learned today and will continue to work with her until she is adopted. Thank you!

Melissa G.