Customized Dog Training Programs by Fountain City Dog Training Kansas City 

Fountain City Dog Training offers training throughout the Kansas City area, including Greater Kansas City area, Overland Park, Lenexa, and more! Our reward-based program is used in all of the forms of training we offer our clients. We mostly offer in-home training, which your trainer would recommend, but we also hold group classes at select locations.

What sets us apart from other trainers?

As an experienced dog trainer we often encounter and rehabilitate dogs suffering from severe to mild behavior problems such as aggression and anxiety. We’ve been successful with dogs that other trainers—and even our clients—have given up on. Through our education and guidance we’ve turned lives around countless times.

We’re here to help you and your dog reach a better understanding and a happier future!

Fountain City Dog Training stays up to date on the latest dog training methods and studies. Our 27 year old training method is tested and proven, but only because it’s absorbed new, better information over time. We aim to offer the most efficient method to you and your situation.

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Customized programs for each individual dog

Our in-home training always begins with with a two hour consultation, that way we can meet you and your dog in your home environment! We meet with you to hear your story, and to learn about what your training goals are. We get to observe your dog in their natural environment, and then create a customized training program that addresses all of the dog’s issues.

We are Veterinarian Recommended!

Our program has been referred to by vets for as long as it has existed. From a veterinarian’s perspective, we train both dogs AND their owners to make behavior problems disappear. It happens, but it’s not magic! We understand how a dog thinks, how their behavioral issues develop, and most importantly, how to move through and past those behaviors.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 816.897.2110, or email us using our contact form.


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